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Our fair processing notice outlines how and why we will process and use your personal data, and how to opt-out of being a data subject should you wish to.

The creation of Moorfields Eye Charity

Moorfields Eye Charity (MEC) is an independent charity founded in 2011 and formed through the merger of various charitable and philanthropic activities connected to Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (MEH). This merger was completed in April 2017. 

Charitable activity

The principal way MEC supports MEH is by providing financial support, through grant making (to MEH and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology).

The charity’s philanthropy support covers building projects, equipment, pioneering research, training of current and future healthcare professionals, development of MEH staff to ensure the care they provide is outstanding, public education about eye health, and improving the experience for MEH patients and their families.

Patients at MEH

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust would like to occasionally send patients information on the work of MEC and how they can support it. 

If you are a registered patient with Moorfields Eye Hospital and would rather that they did not use your name and address in this way, please contact the Information Governance team on ig.team@moorfields.nhs.uk or by writing to Information Governance, Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, 162 City Road, London EC1V 2PD.

Existing supporters

If you are an existing supporter of MEC and wish to update your consent preferences by either opting-in or out of further contact via a specific channel (mail, email, telephone or text) or for a specific purpose (news and developments, fundraising, events, lotteries and raffles) please contact us on moorfields.eyecharity@nhs.net or 020 7566 2565, or by writing to Moorfields Eye Charity, 162 City Road, London EC1V 2PD.

As a supporter of MEC (or, in specific circumstances, as someone we think may be interested in hearing about our work) we would hold information that you have provided us with and may also collect additional data relating to you (based on previous interactions with the charity, and from other sources of publically available information). 

The fact that we hold this information makes you a data subject’ of MEC, which both places a legal responsibility on us, as an organisation, to use your data appropriately, as well as giving you a number of individual rights as to how we use your data.

MEC collects and holds your personal data in order to provide you with the type of communications that you want to receive from us, and in order for us to fundraise as effectively as possible – minimising fundraising costs by allocating resources appropriately, enabling us to raise vital funds to support our work. 

Supplemental data which we may collate includes creating a profile of your interests and preferences, and analysing your ability to provide financial support (through using a variety of information within the public domain to investigate professional background, publically disclosed earnings, shareholdings and property values, as well as any known involvement with other charitable causes), both of which we do in order to ensure that your information is used appropriately, and that you are not contacted unless it seems appropriate to do so.

MEC collects and analyses such data under the legal basis of either consent or legitimate interest, based on the form of processing, and on the type of data being analysed. More information about our data processes and the ways in which we collect data is available under Our policies”.

A full list of our data processes (explaining what each process involves and why we consider it necessary) is available on request.

Opting out

Under both the UK Data Protection Bill and the EU wide GDPR regulation, it is your individual right to opt-out of any (or all) forms of data processing undertaken by MEC. 

If you do wish to opt-out, please contact us on moorfields.eyecharity@nhs.net or 020 7566 2565, or by writing to Moorfields Eye Charity, 162 City Road, London EC1V 2PD.