Our vision is to create a new centre which enables Moorfields and UCL to provide world-leading eye care, research and education benefiting patients across the UK and globally. It will deliver breakthrough treatments to the front line of patient care and revolutionise eye health. Welcome to Oriel.

This joint initiative in partnership with Moorfields and UCL would see services move from current premises near Old Street, Islington to a new, integrated centre on the St Pancras Hospital site in Camden. The new centre is scheduled to open in 2026, creating an environment where researchers and clinicians can work effectively together.

Philanthropy is key to helping us make this global centre for advancing eye health a reality. 

We’ve achieved several major milestones over the last year. 

Major milestones

The hospital’s outline business case was approved by the Treasury, the Department for Health and Social Care and NHS England. Camden Council’s planning committee have made a resolution to grant planning permission for the new centre, and the City Road island site which is jointly owned by Moorfields and UCL has been put on the market. 

Co-designing the building

Public consultation is a critical part of the whole process. Over the last year we have engaged with members of the local community in Camden, Moorfields and UCL staff, patients, carers and representatives of those with sight loss. 

We co-designed the building with patients, staff and members of the sight loss community, considering how the centre will be used and what they value the most. This was showcased at an exhibition in July 2021.

Flythrough of latest design of Oriel building, accompanied by audio description

I have been part of the Oriel project since the very beginning. I have seen the depth of consultations and engagement carried out with a diverse group of people to capture their views on all aspects relating to the project.

Bhavini Makwana, patient at Moorfields Eye Hospital, member of the Oriel patient and partner advisory groups, and engagement manager at London Vision

Our role

Philanthropy has a critical role to play in realising Oriel. In partnership with UCL, we’re committed to raising £100 million (£75 million capital and £25 million research and education) to achieve these ambitious plans.

The campaign has raised over £44 million in capital commitments to date. 

We are delighted with the support we’ve received from donors and look forward to new and continuing conversations with others interested in helping us realise our vision.

Oriel reception area - computer generated image

Next steps and the opening

Oriel continues to be subject to NHS and university approvals. The next step forward is for the full business case to be submitted to the government in early 2022 for their approval. Subject to approval, the new centre for advancing eye health is scheduled to open in 2026.

Planning for the future, Oriel will:

  • be designed with the experience of patients in mind;
  • embrace new technologies to develop excellence and innovation in clinical care;
  • attract and retain the world’s leading clinical, health education and research talent.

Shaped to meet the needs of patients and deliver outstanding eye care, groundbreaking research and world-leading education, Oriel will harness new technologies to help accelerate diagnoses and bring new treatments to millions of patients globally.

Supporting Oriel

To find out more about Oriel and our fundraising to realise this world-leading project, please get in touch with Rachel Jones on rachel.jones310@nhs.net or 020 7521 4610.